David Shaw - D R Shaw ConsultancyD R Shaw Consultancy provides a high quality, professional consultancy service to private, public and third sector organisations on agricultural and rural land management and the management of the natural environment.

We aim to help deliver lasting benefits and outcomes for society, the economy and the environment on a landscape scale and support our clients in becoming better equipped to respond to a rapidly changing world, by identifying key risks and issues and consequential opportunities, to deliver services more effectively.

Our values


Successfully integrating economic, social and environmental benefits is core to our approach. Experience has shown that the most successful and sustainable projects are those that successfully deliver multiple benefits.

Connecting people and the environment

Connecting people to their local environment and increasing their understanding of the benefits the environment provides is central to our approach. If people are more aware of the benefits provided by a healthy environment the more likely they are to value and invest in it.

Landscape scale

Traditionally, programme and project delivery has focused on a small locality or an individual site, often to protect something or deliver a single objective. Such projects often produce great results for that locality or site but do not provide lasting benefits to a wider area. More recently though, there has been a shift in thinking to delivering services, programmes and projects on a wider landscape scale. We whole-heartedly support this and work with our clients by helping design, plan and deliver projects on a landscape scale.


We are passionate about demonstrating and explaining the interdependence between social, economic and environmental issues. A strong economy needs a healthy natural environment to support it. Conversely the environment needs a prosperous economy in order to fund environmental protection and enhancement measures. Likewise, society will undervalue and not be willing to invest in the environment if they do not appreciate the benefits it provides.

We can be commissioned on a project basis, or as an extension of your in-house resource.

In addition, we offer…